Interhouse Dance Event

On 1st February 2023, the Performing Arts Club hosted its much-awaited Interhouse Dance Event for Grades 6-8.

The event was categorized as – The Classical Dance Competition and the Western Dance.

The classical dance competition, where each of the House representatives creatively incorporated a classical dance choreography to western music, showcased brilliant talent and techniques and attracted a keen audience. The Voyagers emerged winners, followed by the Pioneers in second place, the Challengers in third, and the Explorers in fourth place.

The energy was high and atmosphere excited when each House presented their finest performance in the Western Dance Competition. For this event, representatives of each House were given a decade to choose song/s from and then choreograph a dance piece to it. The audience went wild watching the medley of many iconic songs with modern dance moves. Each House set a high benchmark, making it difficult to shortlist a winner. Ultimately, the Voyagers came first, with Pioneers second, Challengers third, and Explorers fourth.