75th Independence Day Celebration, 2021

The first rays of the sun that illuminated the world on 15th August 2021, revitalised the citizens of India with a new promise and a new vigour. NPS Koramangala joined the nation as it celebrated the 75th Independence Day. As the tricolour was hoisted in the school ground by Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair, the members of the student council and a small group of students along with their parents and staff members displayed their respect to the nation by proudly saluting the flag.

The constraints of the times, could not limit our spirited students from joyously celebrating the day from the safety of their homes. The special virtual Class Assemblies of grades 6 to 12 was a homage to this diverse nation as it turns 75. After watching a recording of the ceremony at school and a beautiful rendition of national integration song Desh Raag by grades 8-10 students, the children presented an array of programmes for which they had been enthusiastically preparing for the past few weeks. From the soul stirring patriotic music, dance or poem rendition to the thought for the day, speech, quiz, skit and art work, students had it all. It was not just paying homage to the heroes of our freedom struggle but also driving home the point that one has to value the liberty one enjoys, by being a responsible citizen of this great nation.