Independence Day Celebration 2023-24

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity."

15th August 2023, the day marked the completion of 76 years since India awoke ‘to life and freedom’ and ‘the soul of a nation found utterance’. This auspicious day in our history was celebrated with pride in the heart and fervour in the spirit by the students and staff of NPS-Koramangala. The celebrations began with the hoisting of the Tiranga by the Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair on the school ground, to the strains of the National Anthem by the school choir.

The rich, mellow, and versatile notes of Martin Gomez’s violin (11A) tuned to the timeless patriotic lyrics heralded the enthralling cultural ensemble comprising students of Grades 4 to 11. Speeches by Hindi teachers Ms. Neeru Pandora and Ms. Sumita Ray stirred the sentiment of nationalism, while the stalwarts of our independence movement, brought to life by the students of Grade 5 in multiple Indian languages, left the audience in awe and admiration. An engaging skit, rhythmic dance, and mime beautifully encapsulated momentous historical moments while paying tribute to the protagonists of the saga of freedom struggle and nation-building.

An impactful Hindi poem by a little soldier, Kira B Thaker of Grade 4, stole the show. As the curtains came down, a melodious medley of ever-loved hymns reverberated in the entire auditorium, tugging at the hearts of every Indian present in the auditorium. The event was enchantingly compered by Sanskriti Kashyap (9B) and Aanya Kulshrestha (9A). Drawing inspiration from the school’s vision, Manan Maheshwari (9C) exhorted the young generation to uphold the rich legacy of Bharat and march towards the path of progress in all fields.