Helix 2019

Geeks can’t dance, nerds are fashion illiterates; teenagers and trading! Come on! It’s outrageous! If these are your opinions, you might be a close cousin of Dodo. Yes, because on 21st August Helix would have teleported you to the Science and Economics fest of NPS Koramangala. A fest that has come of age with the highly competitive and intellectually creative teams locking horns through twelve intriguing and proficiently curated events, all by the students, of the students and for the students of grade 11 and 12.

While the neurons ran fast and fingers feverishly in the programming event Enigma; Euler’s Den aka the final destination was where the math magicians wanted to reach hurdling through relay, jeopardy and final secret round. The elements of chemistry and dance intertwined and the result was - stage on fire - not literally thankfully! The only way out of Helix Penitentiary, home to the smartest criminals in the world, was quickly solving the Treasure Hunt clues and only the team best in their Physics and Chemistry fundamentals could win.

In Helix, Biology broke free from its verbatim spine and donned a new avatar of superheroes in brilliantly designed costumes and equally vivid explanations. The fun and learning had never been so tantalizing as when the competitors climbed up trees and slid down burrows of riddles to win in the event Fauna or when they diagnosed the disease with the fewest clues possible or when they articulated their creativity and humor on highly improbable hypothesis.

Helix certainly proved a haven for the students on the threshold of becoming great economists. Four spectacular events whetted the skills of just a step away business tycoons and wolves of Wall Street. Students from eleven schools shone with their intensive knowledge of company histories, business strategies, advertisements, brand logos, technological innovations and business quiz. Teams passed through the stressful situations to emerge the best managers in the event Ingenium.

The fest was indeed a tribute to the wide horizon of pure sciences on one end and a celebration of youthful energy on the other. Each team put their best foot forward winning accolades, however it was NPS HSR Layout that took the overall trophy home.