Birds- Our Winged Friends

On 11th December, students of Grade 5 had an opportunity to attend a session on Birds- Our Winged Friends conducted by Ms Aparna Mishra, a social scientist & History researcher, and Ms Vidya Murali, an illustrator and heritage enthusiast. The students were taken to the wonderful world of birds starting from their earliest appearance to habits and habitats. They touched upon different dimensions of human and bird relationship like birds used by humans as messengers, gladiators, entertainers, their inspiration in aerodynamics and their role in fables, literary works, art and artefacts. Ornithology - the study of birds and Salim Ali, the famous Indian ornithologist, were also discussed.

Children were given valuable insights into bird care and the lessons that can be learnt from them. The presentation was followed by a quiz on birds which kept the students enthralled. The session concluded with an interview with young avid bird watcher, Advik, who talked about his passion for bird watching and shared some tips and tricks of identifying birds in their immediate neighbourhood, through bird calls and through their specific traits. Overall, it was a great learning experience for the students.