Children’s Day 2021

The day began with the assembly highlighting the importance of the day and a small dose of laughter provided by the much loved ‘Supandi and his antics’ in the form of a video. This was followed by a class party with the children and teachers enjoying the class party on their favourite bites during the extended snack break.

“Necessity is the mother of invention , but play is certainly the father” – Roger Von Oech. Play is as important as everything else for a child. It is a necessity, and a child’s favourite way of learning. We tried to generate as much fun as possible online by organizing a variety of activities from games, dancing, talent shows, to Zumba to ensure our children made the most of their special day. Grade 1 had fun learning about hard work and perseverance while watching a video ‘Pip the Puppy’. They followed it up with some brain teasing riddles and some energetic dancing ‘Zumba style’ to the popular - ‘Minion’s Banana Song’ ending their party with the all time favorite - Story time.

Grade 2 made for some groovy movers and shakers with an action song and a foot tapping number, following it up with Art and Craft activities and an exciting Talent spotting show.

Grade 3 began with a brain teaser fun Kahoot quiz, a guessing and face the cookie, with the children trying to eat the cookie placed on their forehead and declaring they never had so much fun eating a cookie before!!

Grade 4 too displayed their extraordinary flair for a variety of things from singing, dancing to playing instruments. The excitement was accelerated with a Kahoot quiz on children’s movies and ended with a scavenger hunt. Grade 5 started with a memory game to hone their retention skills and had a lot of fun with the Dance Statue game.

Sure saw a lot of hunting around the house and a lot many statues! The day ended with an art competition for Grades 1-5. Many memories were created as the saying goes-‘Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory forever.’