Childrens' Day 2017

Children are always celebrated in the life of a family. Their birth is a time for celebration and then they grow older, and step into the portals of an institution. We cherish the presence of our students and enjoy the sweet and not so sweet moments alike. It is these moments that are strung together into a garland of memories to last a lifetime. Ringing in the Children's day a day earlier, on 13th November the teachers put together a show that was exhilarating and mesmerizing.

Nimble feet, a visual treat, Rhythm, is their second name, Dancing, their claim to fame.

Whoever put these words together was surely thinking about the talented divas called the teachers who danced to the beats of the folk music that highlighted the ethnic culture of our mystic nation. The teachers also presented a myriad of dance forms that ranged from soulful Sufi to the groovy moves of MJ, the King of Pop. The teachers clearly sent out a message that learning never stops in the life of a person.

It was a new high for the students to watch their loving ‘Akkas’ address them in chaste English, a language that the student body had lovingly taught them. The support staff also recited a poem written by them and performed to the rhythm that was poetry in music. It's widely known that music is therapeutic. This was proved true by the teachers who rendered a number of songs in their melodious voice. The students also joined in and a beautiful game of ‘Antakshari’ brought the curtains down, proving yet again that the teachers and students are bound by a divine bond that keeps them happy and safe together.