Book Week 2021-2022

Gr 1-5 had an exhilarating Book Week celebration from Sept 6th_9th 2021. Numerous activities were curated for each grade ranging from story telling sessions, cosplay, puppet making, thematic class assemblies, design a book cover, buddy reading and much more. We invited some eminent guest speakers to conduct special sessions for each grade.

Ms. Minati Kapur enthralled Gr 1 students with the art of storytelling and voice modulation.

Ms. Nandita Bharath transported Gr 2 students to a magical land with her storytelling skills, facial expressions and creative usage of puppets.

Gr 3 students had the opportunity to listen to a musical story by Ms. Renu Chamarty, a professional story teller, youtuber and resource person from Scholastic.

Gr 4 students were given valuable tips on creative writing and how to get started on writing by Ms Trina Roy, again, a resource person from Scholastic. Keeping in line with Novellascape-their novella writing project, students got an ample opportunity to interact and ask her many questions about the elements of a good story. They also designed book covers with guidance from their computer teachers.

Ms Trina Roy, interacted with Grade 5 students and gave them an insight to “Reading Matters” and the countless benefits reading brings to our body, mind and soul. She also explained the history of reading and scripting to the students and they were absolutely delighted to hear it all.

The language teachers too used this occasion to regale students with a regional folktale, art teachers beautifully combined art integration to create some fabulous puppets, foldables, bookmarks and much more. In Life Skills, the students were introduced to different genres of books, various autobiographies, difference between fact and fiction books.

The Book Face Photo Challenge brought out some extremely imaginative and inventive ideas from the students who thoroughly enjoyed uploading their pictures and sharing with their peers.

All in all, it was a well synchronized, inter-disciplinary approach towards holistic education, because all children love books immensely. We express heartfelt appreciation towards our parent pool who partnered enthusiastically with us to make this Book Week enjoyable for the children.