Esprit De Corps:
Interschool Badminton Mixed Doubles Tournament

With passion and pride, shared by the NPS Group of schools, NPS Koramangala hosted the first edition of Esprit De Corps: interschool badminton mixed doubles tournament on 5th August 2023. Eight NPS schools from Bangalore, Mysore, and Chennai participated in the tournament. The event showcased the sporting prowess and unwavering perseverance of the players and demonstrated the unifying power of sport.

Ms. Caroline Lewis, Head of Teacher’s Training Academy and NPS Quality Assurance, graced the event with her presence. Welcoming the guest, players, and spectators, Nandin Thakare, the Sports Captain of the school, motivated the teams to give their best. Thereafter, the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair declared the tournament open.

Badminton has a unique way of testing players’ dexterity and fortitude. All the matches were played at a very high level of skill and sportsmanship. Every smash, every drop shot, and every powerful serve demanded focus and precision. Played amidst enthusiastic cheering, all the matches displayed the players’ resilience in the face of setbacks as opportunities for growth. They displayed grace in both victory and defeat. NPS Indiranagar emerged victorious and NPS Rajajinagar secured the runners-up position.