Grade 12-A Assembly

Grade 12-A presented the first class assembly of the new academic year 2018-19. The topic chosen by the students was ‘Science in Ancient Scriptures’- a pertinent subject to bring home the values and significance of our great ancient scriptures and traditions. It began with a brief introduction of the topic, followed by presentation of the latest news in diverse fields and quiz. The soul of the entire production, however, was a commendably presented skit that portrayed the inherent wrangle between the ancient wisdom and modern theories through an argument between a mother and her daughter. It concluded with the strong message to revive and renew our beliefs in the age-old traditions as they stand on the strong bulwarks of reason and logic which the modern science has also approved and are now being recognized by the whole world. A rhythmic group dance, speech, a dulcet song and the vote of thanks were the essential components of this production. As the class assembly drew to a close, the senior most students turned sentimental as it was the last class assembly that they had presented.