Grade 11 Assembly

Students of 11th grade dedicated their assembly to the ideals of Republic Day on 24th January 2020. The very ideals Republic, Justice, Secularity, Sovereignty and Equality- which our country rests upon found expression through poetry, dramatics, music and dance.

An eloquent poem, Power to the Republic echoed in the minds of the audience. Justice always prevails no matter what the circumstances, was showcased by an emotionally charged re-enactment of the recent case of Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority (KCZMA) objecting to the encroachment of land by Maradu Apartment complexes.

Secularism was reiterated through a melodious rendition dedicated to the motherland while the theme of Sovereignty was brought out in a fun quiz to find out how much the audience knew about the mechanisms of governance. Equality and its true meaning was brought to life by a dance depicting a story of rising above the caste system and recognizing each and every one as a citizen of India.

The assembly commenced and concluded on a solemn note as the Preamble of the Constitution, both in Hindi and English, rang out. The students of grade 11 stood hand in hand representing different parts of India in unity, leaving the audience pondering over all the questions that were raised and the different ideals expressed in the assembly.