Grade 10C Assembly

On 16th November 2022, the students of Grade 10C presented their class assembly on the topic- ‘Live Love Laugh’. The soul of the assembly was a play that depicted the challenges of the central character ‘Aditi’ who feels miserable after being relocated to a new town. Like any newcomer, she struggles to adjust to her new class and new school. Though she is able to make a good friend, she inadvertently falls into situations that leave her anxious and embarrassed. However, as ‘Aditi’ continues to receive support and motivation from her old friends, and guidance from her parents and teachers, she learns to embrace life with a fresh outlook. She soon finds friends and begins to regain her lost confidence and happiness. The amazing cast of the play was successfully able to show that with courage and resilience one can cope with whatever life throws at you; it might be hard at first but not impossible to learn to adapt and love life once more. Songs and dances were beautifully interwoven which enlivened the play. The assembly touched the heart of the audience with its simplicity and spontaneity. It imparted the message that it is completely fine if we take time to come to terms with the changes that happen in our lives until we keep the hope alive that everything will be fine one day.