Grade 10B Assembly

On 9th November 2022, Grade 10B took their audience on a journey through the magical world of Disney. Their musical showed glimpses of various classic Disney movies - from Snow White to Peter Pan and from Frozen to The Lion King, while also throwing light on its controversial display of unnatural and unhealthy body standards with size zero waists, skinny limbs, and even small feet that created a negative influence on its young impressionable audience.

Mesmerizing songs and dances like Speechless from Aladdin and The Greatest Showman were woven throughout the skit, making for a spectacular show. A humorous speech walked the audience through the technological aspects of Disney and how the magic is brought to life. A poem composed by the students, made the audience nostalgic and transported them back to their childhood. The display concluded as all the students came together for a melodious song reinforcing the united efforts of the class. The auditorium was filled with the thunderous applause of the captivated audience, marking the beginning of class assemblies once again for the academic year 2022-23, after a long gap.