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In Tune with the Mind and Body

National Public School, Koramangala celebrated International Yoga Day in all its fervor through a highly effectual presentation. A sophisticated, beautiful visual enactment of the story of the origin of yoga was done through a dance drama. The multifaceted nature of yoga was narrated through a video which brought home the fact that attempting to compartmentalize such an ancient, spiritual practice can only be detrimental to an individual or any section of society.

The presentation culminated with the audience taking the ‘much needed breath’ after watching the highly energized dance moves. The ‘conscious’ inhalation and exhalation exercise done in tune to the soulful chanting of a shloka aided in the expulsion of stress, due to the mindfulness with which the exercise was done. Needless to say the students took away with them an irreplaceable part of the rich tapestry from the culture of India.

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